Angry Birds Minecraft Skins

Angry birds minecraft skins are designed based on a mobile phone game with the same title, Angry Birds. Actually, angry birds have many version and many kids of birds. There are the red bird, the yellow, the blue, the green, the white and the red bomb birds. Each bird from angry bird has each characteristic in destroy the pigs. Angry birds minecraft skins choose the red bird to be adapted become a minecraft skins. The red birds are the bird that appears first time when you play the game.

Angry Birds Minecraft Skins

Angry birds minecraft skins – Try the Angry Bird on Your Minecraft

Angry bird is usually played on a mobile phone, although not every mobile phone has the facilitation of angry bird game. However, now you can try to play angry bird on minecraft using angry birds minecraft skins. You can use angry bird skin by having the angry birds minecraft skins download file. If you do not have, you can download it on minecraft sites then you can apply it for your minecraft character. You can apply the angry bird skin by unzip your downloaded file, then you have to go to the directory in which minecraft is saved in your pc, then place the file there by rename and replace the existing file before with the minecraft skin you want. Then, you can enjoy you new angry birds minecraft skins.

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