Animal Bikes Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Animal bikes mod is yet another unique mod for Minecraft made by one of the mod developers there. This unique mod turns the mobs you see loitering around into something that you can use to give special skills to you. The different animals you see there will give you different functions and give you different special skills if you craft it to a bike. You normally could not forge an animal into a bike but with this animal bikes mod, you will be able to craft it into one. It will be very fun, trying to make all the mobs you come across into a bike and discover what different skills you will get for each mob-bike.

Animal Bikes Mod

Animal Bikes Mod: Feature and Installation

The mob speaks up its function. You can craft any mobs you find into a bike using this animal bikes mod. The mod is able to make a better skill and other things and you can get different skill from different skill to be used. For example, if you could make a pig-bike, you will be able to move around faster. That way, you can get to places that is further than before, places that you could not reach because it was too far. And if you make bike out of squid, you can get a bike that allows you to move on water. That is how convenient the animal bikes mod is.

To install this, you can follow these steps:

- You first download the animal bikes mod minecraft 1.2.5, a modLoader and modloader MP.
- After that, you get find the Minecraft system folder from typing %appdata% on the ‘run’ prompt in the start command.
- Then, enter the bin folder and open the minecraft.jar file with winrar or 7zip.
- Extract the two files: modLoader and the mod inside the jar file, and all is done.
- Now you can start the game and the animal bikes mod is already starting.

Download Animal Bikes Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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