Backpack Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Backpack mod is like giving you a portable chest as your backpack. The backpack capacity become wider and you can store a lot more items inside. If you have played minecraft even just for several hours, you will agree that the backpack needs a bit of fixing. Having to go back and store the items you’ve gathered in the chest before able to continue exploring a place further is very troublesome. While not picking up items and materials during your exploration will make the whole work of stepping on a new place become meaningless. That is why the backpack mod was very welcomed by all the minecrafters.

Backpack Mod

Backpack Mod Minecraft 1.2.5: Feature and Installation

This mod makes you not to have to go back every time your backpack is full. You can mine deeper in a cave and can explore places further because of the high capacity of your backpack is those in level with the chest since you can craft your own backpack. You can carry the backpack you have crafted everywhere you go after you have installed the backpack mod. Other than the capacity, this mod also allows you to change the color of your Backpack. Instead of the same color you used to see, which might boring you by now, you can change the color of your backpack to your favorite color. The recipe is just the same when you are going to craft a chest, only the main material used is leather, instead of plank; and you can add color-dye to change the backpack color.

To install this backpack mod minecraft 1.2.5, you should follow these steps:

- You have to get the backpack mod download and a modLoader first. Here you need to get the latest version of modLoader so you better check whether there is a new version or not.
- After that, like usual, find the minecraft system folder from the ‘run’ command prompt. Just type %appdata% and search, a pop up window will show up with all the applications installed in your PC.
- Locate the minecraft, enter, go to the bin, and open the minecraft.jar file inside.
- You will see a META.INF file. Delete it.
- Then, drag the two files you had downloaded, extract them there.
- Close the window, run the Mnecraft like usual, and start crafting your backpack now that the backpack mod is already installed.


Link to Download Backpack Mod Minecraft 1.2.5:

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