BattleGear Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

The BattleGear Mod provides new weapons for a complete new type of combat. With BattleGear Mod, it provides weapon with distinctive perks. The weapon adds perks similar to extra range to hold mobs at bay, or extra damages.

BattleGear Mod

The Benefits of BattleGear Mod

With BattleGear Mod minecraft 1.2.5 , it’s also possible to twin wield! You’ll be able to twin wield weapon and objects to. Not solely does BattleGear Mod provides new weapon, it additionally provides shield! And with this shield, you’ll be able to decrease damages handled by the mass and also kick them away. Concentrate on the stamina bar although, if the bar was dried, your protection out of your shields drops.

With this Mod just clicking the ‘I’ button or pressing your character in the Inventory screen will bring up the Weapon Inventory Screen. And fortunately the weapon can be placed on it scabbards or placed in your hand, with simply clicking the ‘R’ button or pressing your character into third person view and it can be switch to be drawn and sheathed.

this video is explain about this mod:

Installation BattleGear Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

• Download Risugami’s Modloader and Install it but ensure META INF folder has been deleted when set up the Mod (the folder is in the minecraft jar).
• Download PlayerAPI and install it also for those utilize SPC or known as Single Player Commands you should install the API-SPC patch too.
• For Optional adding the dyable shield you can download Minecraft Forge.
• Now you can Download the Battlegear, and place it in the mods directory file youre.minecraft dir.

Download Battle GearMod Minecraft 1.2.5 from link below:

My Review on BattleGear Mod is great as it was fun, and I can play around with it. Because there is a feature in the configuration file to lets you utilize the weapons from other mods which you can placed it to the weapon slots. However in case you are in trouble with your installation or you need the updater of this Mod, you can use the contact us or comment in this post about all related of BattleGear Mod.

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