Battle Towers Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Battle towers mod is an innovative mod that automatically spread battle towers around your Minecraft world. What is this Battle Tower anyway? This is a structure of sky-scraping building with eight stories and one level in each. Each floor is filled with enemies that you have to defeat and once you have reached the top, you will meet the boss and have to beat it to win the rewards come with it.

Battle Towers Mod

Battle Towers Mod Minecraft 1.2.5– Great Place to Grind

Other than the challange and rewards offered, this mod also give us convenient grinding ground to level up our micecraft character. Once you found one of the towers that the battle towers mod had spread over, you do not have to travel far distance and finding many dungeons to train. This is a good place to increase your skill without having to go astray, or going too far looking for dungeon.

The rewards coming from the battle inside the towers that the battle towers mod spread out is pretty valuable. The boss battle is pretty hard but the reward after it is pretty promising. You should try this mod and enter one of the tower and see how convenient it is.

Battle Towers Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Installing the New Mod

This is a mod, so you will need a MCPatcher other than the essential battle towers mod minecraft. Those two can be downloaded for free if you search on the internet. Then, open the Minecraft folder by typing “%appdata%” on the ‘run’ command after you push ‘Start’ at the desktop. Or you can also locate the folder yourself by using the Explorer in your computer. After that, enter the bin folder and look for the META.INF folder. Make sure you delete the folder. Next is extracting the two downloaded file including the battle towers mod, and drag them inside the Minecraft folder. That is all. The finishing touch is by playing the game normally and seeing if the battle towers mod works.

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