Blizzard’s Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Don’t underestimate Blizzard’s Texture Pack since it is exceptionally great to add more details into your building and other textures. If you think that this is only a crap, then you might regret it when you unleash this texture pack. The creator of this texture pack, Blizzard, intended to bring an outstanding texture pack without bring too much burden for your computer, And this is it, a wonderful texture pack which you can hardly believe to be a 4×4 resolution texture pack. It looks pretty smooth when it is used in the game. Pretty impressive considering the resolution of this texture pack!

Blizzard's Texture Pack

Blizzard’s Texture Pack: Feature and Installation

Take a look at the performance of Blizzard’s Texture Pack as seen on the video made by the developer. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? It doesn’t look rough at all. For you who loved to pay more attention in the texture without chicken out your computer, this texture pack is just the best. Well, it is pretty hard to find such great texture pack. Even though it seems that the Blizzard’s Texture Pack is made for low computers, it does not mean that the supper one cannot use this texture pack. If you want to have this texture pack in your Minecraft, give blizzards 4 bit texture pack a go and install it by following these steps.

1. Download the required files from the provided link
2. Type %appdata% in run window and navigate to .minecraft/texturepacks
3. Drag al files into the folder and unzip it there.
4. Run the game normally and choose the texture pack that you want.
5. Have fun!

Link To Download Blizzard’s Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Compared to other texture packs, of course Blizzard’s Texture Pack is somehow low, but it is considerably a great choice for 4×4 resolutions. To have another great update, keep in touch with the update in this site. Well, happy enjoying Blizzard’s Texture Pack!

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