Boombox Mod Minecraft 1.1

Boombox mod gets your minecraft to play the music you want as its background music. This is a great feature because with this, you can manage what music will play during your Minecraft game play by adding boom box and speakers for your boom box in the game. This is pretty fun additional feature and will give you more fun than it does the name.

Boombox Mod

Boombox Mod Minecraft 1.1 – Get the Music Blasting

This boombox mod is good for people who love to play or doing something in the computer while listening to music. With this mod, you can do just that. This mod is a continuation to the previous Radio mod, which allows you to listen to the radio while playing. Minecraft. However, since the developer of the Radio mod stopped being active, another person take over his project and now managed to make this wonderful boombox mod.

You can also arrange your own music with this mod. While acting like a DJ with Minecraft Boom box, you might then realize your talent at disk jockeying. Arranging the music, while setting the boom box to the doorbell, is also fun.

Boombox Mod Video

Boombox Mod Minecraft 1.1 -How to Install It

To install this, if this is not the first time you install a mod, you will know that you need a ModLoader. If otherwise, then now you know that you need a ModLoader. The next thing that you need is the boombox mod itself. You can get it from any free boombox mod minecraft download link. Then after you get all the software in your hands and open the Minecraft folder via the search column. Type %appdata% and open the Minecraft folder. Drag the ModLoader data and the Boomboz to the Minecraft.jar file. And that completes the process. You now can arrange and play your music with boombox mod.

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