Capes Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Cheat Mod will give those minecrafters who could not make it to the Mine Con 2011. Since that time, everyone who gets there will get their own con cape in their minecraft world. Before this capes mod, there is already a mod that enables you to have your own con cape even though you did not make it in the Mine Con 2011. However, this new mod gives you the chance of enjoying a cape of your very own.

capes mod

Capes Mod: Feature and Installation

The Minecraft Capes Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 enables you to create a cape of your own customization and then upload it so that other people are able to use and enjoy the new paradise you had just made. A lot of things could be customized here with the capes mod such as the terrain of course, foliage, what is inside the cape, everything will be in the care of your hands, so craft away. If you want other people to see the cape you just made, the other people also have to have this capes mod installed in order to get to see the cape.

Here is how you install it:

- Get ready and download the mod and latest modLoader to install this nice feature in your minecraft. First, you download the two essential files.
- After that, extract the two files inside the minecraft.jar file which is located inside the minecraft system folder.
- Enter the minecraft system folder by typing %appdata% in the ‘run’ prompt and locate the folder in the popped up window, then enter the bin folder, then there you see the minecraft.jar.
- After extracting the mod and modLoader inside, do not forger to delete the META.INF file inside.
- Done? Close all the windows and start playing the minecraft and craft away your very own cape with the capes mod.

Link to Download Capes Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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