Car Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Car mod minecraft 1.2.5 is one of the mod that we can use to enhance the creativity and fun while playing Minecraft. We can travel around the world of Minecraft that we as the Minecraft player, or Minecrafter, has made. The Minecrafter can go to ecery corner of the Minecraft world by using this mod since it does not need any rail to be able to move from one place to another. Unlike the helicopter which enable us to see the Minecraft world from above, this Car mod allows us to see the Minecraft world closer with new different experience than seeing from above.

Car Mod

Car mod – Features and Advantages of the Pack

As it was mentioned abover, this Car mod does not require us to create and use rail in order to move around the Minecraft world. We simply can move the car by clicking the keyboard tabs. The Minecrafter can move from one block upward in every click, and we can move anywhere as long as it is still in our Minecraft world. We can also move the car backwards. The controls of this car is pretty simple, and we can easily master the control in just a couple of minute after we install the car mod minecraft games.

How to Install Car Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

There are several things that we need to do to be able to install and use this great mod. Like another mod, we need at first try to find the available packs of Car mod minecraft 1.2.5 in the Internet. Download and save the mod to our computer. We also need to download ModLoader. Next, we need to open both the .minecraft / bin and Minecraft.jar file. The next thing we need to do after this is deleting the META INF folder from our computer. After we have done this, we need to put the files of mod loader to the Minecraft.jar. We need then try to run the Minecraft. Once it is open, we need to put the zip folder of the mod to the mods folder. Now we are ready to use the Car mod.

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