Minecraft Maps

Everyone that familiar with Minecraft must have known about Minecraft maps. It is not an ordinary map that will help you find the right location, but gives you thrilling experience through challenging game with various difficulty and landscape. As the maps are usually addicting, many game lovers try to hand the latest update of Minecraft maps and install them as fast as possible. In order to give you the best gaming experience on Minecraft, we provide one special category that will give the latest news and download link to the latest and most popular maps in the Minecraft world. Stay up to date to our post and you will have your Minecraft updated regularly. Therefore, your gaming experience will even be more intriguing with the Minecraft maps you install.

Some of our latest update of Minecraft maps includes Bomberman Map, Survival Island map, Criswelvania Custom Map and many more custom Minecraft maps. We give you the information you need about the Map including the steps to install it in your Minecraft. For addition, we also give special review or tutorial that is very useful to master Minecraft maps and play the game better. We all know that in the near future, there will be more maps that offer more effect and more fascinating experience. You surely don’t want to miss it, do you? Therefore, keep up to date to our compilation and enjoy the latest maps with more amazing experience. Finally, enjoy our best pick on Minecraft maps and enjoy your game even more.

Super Hostile maps are the new series of custom adventure map form Vechs. Many Minecrafters might have known these maps as they are not so hard to play. However, this one is unsusual since Vechs makes it harder than any custom adventure map. One example of the map is the sea of flames which created for a survival adventure in deserted island surrounded by lava. Moreover, it also comes with multiple dungeons to escape from. All series of Super Hostile maps have something in common, collecting the wool and put them in the victory monument to finish the Super Hostile maps Minecraft.

Super Hostile Maps

Super Hostile maps minecraft 1.0.0 – Harder Adventure, More Challenging Game

With the features, this Super Hostile maps are indeed more appealing to be played. There are some levels in each series which can absorb your attention since it is far challenging than other custom adventure maps. However, don’t even imagine finishing the adventure in a hour since each series has very long adventure. You will be totally absorbed into the game since it does really interesting. Now that you have known the basic information, why don’t you try this adventure map and see what do you think about it. If you want other adventure maps, you can try USS Enterprise Map. [click to continue…]

USS Enterprise Map for Minecraft Games is the building that is appeared on the Minicraft Youtube video. The creator make it amazing and continously updating this map for the latest released Minecraft version. It is really ppular that it has been in a video of Yogcast episode. USS Enterprise Map is made with much effort that it is made into five decks and everywhere on it is decorated and furnished by interior and wide tools complimentsand resources, so no blank spaces be found. Exploring the decks become more intersting and fun with these details.

USS Enterprise Map

USS Enterprise Map Minecraft 1.2.3 – Additional Information on This Map

This USS Enterprise Map is available in two versions; the Sci-Fi Texture Pack and the better one is the Star Wars Texture Pack. It will make you more enjoying the game by the amazing creation it has. More features are added to the Minecraft, so this creation developer add more features needed such as the change of the ship as the piston added in order to make everything looks better and harness the piston’s power. The developed USS Enterprise map for minecraft is even made into nine decks and a World folder, a set of Star Trek player skins is included on the download. [click to continue…]

Sky block survival map is a map that dwells of three blocks sky. The three of them are the original sky block, the lower sky block and the desert sky block. Sky block survival map will guide you to make movements when you are alone in the sky. On this level, you may purchase stuffs from other mine craft player or you may sell yours to them, you also can protect the stuffs you have. This activity is very exciting.

Sky Block Survival Map

Sky block survival map minecraft 1.2.5 – The Rules and Challenges

With the guide from sky block survival map, you may travel to the lower sky block and make the way to go to the flying sand island. This block survival map will help you to commence with a pail of lava and an ice block. There are many more you can challenge. However, there are rules for block survival map, some of them are that the player may not to leave the Island, steal, mourning, torment and racism can be tolerated in sky block survival map. Player should play on the normal difficulties and respect all players. All players also should bookmark the link if find an interest in it and post the pictures of accomplishment. And there are many others that you can understand by yourself after get the block survival map. [click to continue…]

Sunken Island custom map makes you experience wonderful adventure on a deserted isnalend surrounded by circle waterfalls. The two mountains on the island is the main point on the adventure and take important part on the storyline of the map. Actually, this map has gained huge attention since the time it got released. Using MCEdit World Editor, the developer has shown the great terra forming skills. Even though many people are able to create many maps and mod, this Sunken Island custom map is just very wonderful and irresistibly attractive.

Sunken Island Custom Map

Sunken Island custom map minecraft 1.2.3 – Thrilling Adventure in Great Map

Actually, Sunken Island custom map first comes with fewer features than what we can get now. Further changes are done by the developer, so we can have this amazing adventure map. You are going to find hidden chests on the map to help you do the adventure. Compared to other adventure map, indeed this Sunken Island is more impressive. It is hard to believe that this map is actually inspired by a picture. The developer has surely made a great job in creating this map. At present, the map is only available for Minecraft Latest Version, so if you have former version, it is recommended to upgrade it. [click to continue…]

EscapeCraft adventure map is the series of custom map which includes Minecraft adventure map EscapeCraft 1, 2 and 3. The series are useful to solve puzzles and riddles. This way, you can escape from the rooms and complete Adventure Custom Map on Minecraft world. With all of the challenge and features in the maps, you are required to have good knowledge on Minecraft 1.2.3 including how it works. You are undoubtedly able to enjoy the challenges on the EscapeCraft adventure map since it is more intriguing and thrilling from the others.

EscapeCraft Adventure Map

EscapeCraft adventure map minecraft 1.2.3 – Rules and Tricks on Playing EscapeCraft

In order to complete EscapeCraft adventure map well, there are 3 must-follow rules. First, don’t even break the block except the one that you place. Second, there is no cheats or mods. The third, you can only play the normal or hard difficulty level. With all of those rules, there is no other choice than having a good knowledge in Minecraft Maps including popular features like redstone, water works and so on. For addition, the game come the best when played by single player. Even so, it is can be played by 2 player. Out of 2 players is totally not recommended. [click to continue…]