Minecraft Mods

Minecraft mods are self-made software that is used to modify various aspects in the Minecraft game. Mod is derived from ‘modification’. This means, the mod modifies Minecraft game in different ways, according to the type of the mod. Minecraft mods are created by third party organization, or often individually. They created many minecraft mods ranging from the one that enables compass to show the player directions on where to get treasure, there is also mod that changes the environment of the dungeon inside the game. There is even a mod that will give you medieval appearance, so you will feel that you are adventuring in the world of Middle English era. All those unique mods are available for download and most of them could be downloaded for free. With the minecraft mods installed to Minecraft, you can change the appearance and many things inside the Minecraft game to keep you from getting bored.

How to install minecraft mods?

It is very easy to install this mods, merging it to the game. The first thing you should do is downloading the minecraft mods. You can download it in many sites providing mods and other accessories for Minecraft game. After that, you need to download also MCPatcher, which also could be get for free by just googling it. Once you have got the software, go to start menu and go to run  %appdata% .minecraft  bin. Open the Minecraft.jar file using either winrar or zip7, delete the META.INF folder inside. After that, extract all the mods zipped file, then drag the av.class file inside the mod folder, into the minecraft.jar file. Once you have done, play the Minecraft game as usuall and your installed minecraft mods is already working.

Craftable animals mod allows you, the creator, to do essentially what you were born to do in this game, to be the big man upstairs. That’s right, you get to not only be able to craft your own houses and weapons and such but now you are able to craft your own animals! This simple mod allows you to craft vanilla animals from the drops of other animals through an impressive crafting template.

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Pig grinder mod is one of those kinds of mods that you love to play for hours because of how silly it is. Ever get tired of the same old gameplay and grinding that gets super repetitive and wish there was a way out? This mod gives you that release from boredom. Using a simple crafting schematic allows you to craft the Grinder. This item attaches itself to a pig allowing you to really “grind” out the pork from the pig by turning its insides out!

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3D items mod is every high tech gamers dream mod. For those of us that love visual effects and seeing graphics being pushed to the limits, this mod takes items from the normal flat image look, to a full 3D visual prowess. The items that are generated from this mod look and feel as if they are being held in the palm of your hand and look incredible.

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Diamond meter mod is made for those that are real crafters in search of the rarest materials available in Minecraft. For those that have literally spent hours and hours looking around for diamond ore and come up empty, this mod is for you! In this still early development mod you are able to equip a device onto your hot bar and when you are nearby any of the precious ore it will alert you to let you know that there is diamond nearby.

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Alien Vs Predator mod 1.4.7 is one of those mods that you want to sit back and think wow. Have you ever played aliens versus predators or ever watched any of the movies of these amazing franchises? Then you have got to play this mod that showcases these two brutes battling head to head. Of course all three main species from the film and games are packed in this mod and bring a sense of fantastic gameplay to Minecraft.

alien vs predator 1.4.7

Alien Vs Predator Mod : Feature and Installation

A key note to remember for this mod is that it does have some bugs and isn’t completely finished yet. Even though this mod does have some bugs, it does incorporate the use of new blocks and models that both crafters and brawlers will like.
1. Find link to download alien vs predator mod for Minecraft 1.4.7
2. Save file that you download
3. Move the files into compress file (zip) in folder of minecraft.jar (located in minecraft/bin btw)
4. Find link to download the ModLoader latest version
5. Move the file download in the same location as before (minecraft.jar)
6. Open the game
7. Enjoy play it