Cheat Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Cheat mod is recommended for those who do not want to trouble themselves with mining, leveling up, and all the survival activities you have to do in the Minecraft world. This is for those who simply want to explore the new world of Minecraft and does not want to be restricted by anything. The cheat mod will very much suit the need for you who would like to understand and step on every piece of Minecraft land and discover every secret it has in a zap.

cheat mod

Cheat Mod: Feature and Installation

The cheat mod minecraft will give you the freedom of not having to gather any material or any money. You can have all the inventory material you can get from the mining with this mod. Unlimited health could also be gained so that you do not have to worry while fighting monsters. With the cheat, you could also explore every corner of the minecraft world without afraid of stamina or other things that you would worry over if you do not use the cheat mod. So this mod does not remove all the fun of the game at all. This cheat mod is made to discover the edge or the limit of the minecraft world.

Here is how to install:

- Get the mod first and also the modLoader. Make sure it is the latest version of the modLoader.
- Leave the file for now, and things you have to do now find the minecraft system folder in your PC.
- Type in %appdata% in the ‘run’ prompt menu and you will be able to find the folder named ‘minecraft’ there. After that, enter the folder and enter the bin folder inside.
- Then, you can find the minecraft.jar inside. Open it, and that is where you will extract the two files.
- Do so and you are done with the installation progress. Next is testing the mod.
- Run the game like usual and Click Options, More options and then you will see option tabs where you can select what aspect to cheat. That is the sign that the cheat mod is working.


Download Cheat Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 from link below:

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