Checkpoints Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Checkpoints mod is very unique minecraft mod that will be very useful for your minecrafting activities in your minecraft world. This mod is really different from any other mod. Different from any other minecraft mod that is usually useful for fighting the enemies, this mod cannot be used for fighting the enemies, it functions to mark the area. The mod is very useful to prevent you lost in the minecraft world. Applying the checkpoints mod for your minecraft will be very helpful for your minecraft world.

Checkpoints Mod

Checkpoints Mod: Feature and Installation

The most unique minecraft mod, the checkpoints mod has some unique and useful features for your minecraft world. You will be very helped using this mod in your minecraft. The mod provides you the ability to create small flags that will be useful for making an area. You can create the flag in different colors and in different numbers from the different colored wools. The flag that you have been created can be placed anywhere around your minecraft world. It is useful for marking an area and eases you to identify some certain things in your minecraft world. It is very helpful for your navigation in the minecraft world. If you have map, these flag will be appear in your map and help you to identify certain things or places.

To be able to use the flag, you have to install the checkpoints mod in your minecraft first. To install it, you can follow some installation steps below.

• Download the latest ModLoader
• Download the checkpoints mod 1.2.5
• Type %appdata%
• Open the .mincraft/bin
• Open the minecraft.jar using 7zip or winrar
• Delete the META INF
• Move in the ModLoader files
• Finish, set your check points.

Link To Download Checkpoints Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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