Clay Soldier Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Clay soldier mod, just like the name suggest, allows you to create your own soldiers to go to wars, with clay. The soldiers will then go to war according to the colors they are made. This mod is made by kodaichizero and it is very awesome because with this clay soldier mod, you can battle against your friend, making a war of your own where your own clay soldiers fight in. These clay soldiers are also made by you yourself. There are several types of clay soldiers that you can create in Minecraft world.

Clay Soldier Mod

Clay Soldier Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Craft Them for Battle

Clay soldiers are made out of clay and you need to craft them. During the crafting process, you can determine what color your clay soldier will be. This will determine which the clay soldier will fight against during the battle. Other than determining the color of the clay soldier, you can also do other things with this clay soldier mod such as providing supports or accessories to your soldiers during battle. Horses, Stick, Leather, Gold ingots, you can give those additional items to strengthen your clay squadron during battle. Horses can be mounted by the soldiers and stick will act as weapon while Leather adds their defense. There are still many items that you could throw up to your clay soldier and make them fight better than the opposite team.

Clay Soldier Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install It

Download the clay soldier mod and the ModLoader if you do not have one yet. The clay soldier mod download link could be get easily. Then extract both of the zipped file, leave it for now. Next thing to do is locating the Minecraft roam. For this, go to the “Start” menu, then type in “%appdata%” in the ‘run’ column. Enter and you will see Minecraft folder. Enter, then click ‘bin’. There is a minecraft.jar file there, open with either winrar or zip7. Delete the META.INF folder inside. Most people usually forget to do this, causing the installation to be a fail, so make sure you delete it. After that, drag the entire file that you had previously extracted, into the minecraft.jar. Then the only thing left is playing the game like usual. The clay soldier mod is already installed and now you can create your own soldier.

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