Coupon22 Mod Minecraft 1.1

Have you heard about coupon22 mod? It is a type of mod that made by people who make simple changes on the default setting of the game. Even though does not make great change, it is quite fun to see your life in Minecraft become more attractive and enjoyable. Indeed coupon22 mod has been known for the simple yet useful feature like mentioned in overview for Coupon22. By having this mod in your Minecraft, you can do several small things that make your game easier and obviously more fun.

Coupon22 Mod

Coupon22 mod Minecraft 1.1 – Best Picks among the Mods

When we are about to mention the best mod you can get from coupon22 mod, Dirt to Grass Mod will be one of them. By installing this mod, you will be able to click dirt blocks and grow grass on those 3 x 3 areas. Well, this mod is not so powerful, but very useful for starting a farm below the ground. You can use bone meal to grow and keep the grass. One more great choice is the Chicken Glide Mod. It is a simple mod that allows you to put chicken on your head while you glide to the floor or jump of a mountain.

Coupon22 mod – Easy Steps to Install Coupon 22 Mod Minecraft 1.1

After reading those information on coupon22 mod , now you must be very interested to know how it is exactly to install these useful mods. Actually it is pretty easy to install the mods. All that you need is downloading the ModLoader and the Coupon 22 Mods. The put both of the software into Minecraft.jar and delete META INF. Copy the files into the .jar and run the Minecraft. After doing those steps, you are ready to get your fun gaming experience started. Grab coupon22 mod as fast as you can.

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