Craftable Mob Spawner Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

If you are Minecrafter who loves building mob spawner for XP farm, Craftable Mob Spawner Mod will be the most attractive mobd in the line. This mod will be a perfect addition for the mob that you already have in the farm. You can even see how the spawner that you craft will work well or not. The features of the Craftable Mob Spawner Mod which allow you to craft custom spawner will be very useful to create one that suit your need and style best. Simply craft any mob spawner that you want using this mod.

Craftable Mob Spawner Mod

Craftable Mob Spawner Mod: Feature and Installation

Basically, you will have pretty alike features from the former Craftable Mob Spawner Mod version. However, this version is compatible with Minecraft 1.2.5 and also adds Golem and Acelot spawner. Having this mod in your game, you surely can make your farm more functional and also make great choice for adventure maps. You can imagine how great it is to have such mod in your Minecraft. Okay, you want this mod badly. Hold up! You need to do several steps to have Craftable Mob Spawner Mod in your game. Simply do the following things and play Minecraft more excitingly with this mod.

1. Download and Install ModLoader beforehand
2. Download the files you need from the link provided here.
3. Go to .minecraft/bin
4. Open Minecraft.jar
5. Delete META INF folder
6. Copy all craftable mob spawner mod for minecraft 1.2.5 files into the .jar
7. Put the zip mod into the .minecraft/mods
8. Run the game normally and enjoy!

Craftable Mob Spawner Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 Download Link

If you are looking for further update in Minecraft, be free to check out the post in this site since we are continuously looking for newest update in Mincraft world, including Craftable Mob Spawner Mod that you have red.

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