Doggy Talents Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Doggy talents mod is some kind of pet mod that allows you to make a dog as your lovely pet. This mod is especially made for those with the loving passion to animals especially dogs. Moreover, the dogs in Minecraft are easy to train. You do not have to train them all day long. They are already talented and know what to do in every situation. The doggy talents mod basically wanted to give the Minecrafters additional help, in the form of a dog, it can help us in hunting, and we do not have to take care about its meals, sleep time, or anything. The dog will simply be there when we need its help for hunting or some other else.

Doggy Talents Mod

Doggy Talents Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Give Affection and It’ll Help You

Other than the dog’s loyalty and useful helps, you can also really treat it like a pet. Training them for certain skills in Minecraft game to be got is available. The dogs will also eat, sleep, jump around, and doing things that a dog should. Only that it will not bother you when you do not want to be bothered. During hunting, the doggy talents minecraft mod gives you the assistance of a dog while collecting materials, fighting monsters throughout the dungeons. There is this awesome feature that made the dog able to transform depending on the terrain they are in.

Doggy Talents Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install It

To install doggy talents mod, first get yourself the doggy talents mod download, and a ModLoader software. You can get both of them for free on the internet. Once you have done with that, go to Start  Run  type in “%appdata%”  go to Minecraft folder  bin  open the Minecraft.jar with winrar. There, you will see META.INF folder. Delete it. Next step is, extract both the mod and the ModLoader. Drag all the files to the Minecraft.jar file, and all done. Next thing to do is playing the game as usual and the doggy talents mod is perfectly installed.

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