Doll House Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Doll House Texture Pack is a texture pack with 16×16 pixels of revolution which is simple one. This resolution is the default size of Minecraft. The texture pack is already updated with the latest Minecraft version, Minecraft 1.2.5. The Doll House Texture Pack is also a simple way of playing Minecraft. This pack is meant to be easy on the eys, outfitted with all sorts of mordern conveniences like coffe pots, oven, etc. It is also meant to be cheerful pack. Until now, this Doll House Texture Pack is not yet completed. It is 80% completed now but this pack is listed as people’s must wait pack to improve their play.

Doll House Texture Pack

Doll house texture pack minecraft 1.2.5 – What is Doll House Texture Pack?

Doll House Texture Pack is made by steel feather creator which is popular and has made some other texture packs. Those other texture packs are the higher definition like the 32×32, 64×64, and higher than that which you may ever hear or use before. It is said the creator of this texture pack made it for competition just in three hours. He said that on the texture pack he spent more than three hours but on the computer placing pixels for pack, he spent only three hours in a day to work in front of computer. With this doll house texture pack, the feather does the great job.

Doll house texture pack Minecraft 1.2.5 – Doll House Texture Pack Installation

If you who want to install the Minecraft 1.2.5 doll house texture pack, as usual you only need doll house texture pack download first. Next, open the .minecraft folder and open your available folder of texture pack. Then place it into its doll house texture pack zip, so you can start enjoy it. Download the Doll House Texture Pack now and be amazed by the improvement!

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