Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs Minecraft 1.2.5

Hello all, be ready to get very excited since Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs is available to be put in your Minecraft 1.2.5. Yes, it is the latest texture pack from Gerudoku. Most Minecrafters have been very familiar with Doku textue packs and mods wince it is one of the most popular types in Minceraft. After giving it a try, you will see that this texture pack is more like a combination of many texture packs existed in Minecraft. The difference is that all of them are packed in one texture pack.

Emkay's Gerudoku Texture Packs

Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs: Feature and Installation

When you add this texture pack into the game, you will have some new coloring and re-skinning. You will have RPG style texture pack with fixes for HD and more explosives. Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs also features Artwork, ender chests, new weapons, saplings, and also power rails. Moreover, there are also new achievements in the pack. Those are pretty great features, aren’t they? You will surely enhance your gaming experience by having this Emkay’s Gedudoku Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.2.5. Want to have it as your texture pack? Follow some steps here to install the Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs properly in your game.

1. Make sure to have MCPatcher and ModLoader have been installed properly in your game.
2. Download the Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs files
3. Patch the game using MCPatcher
4. Run the game and go to “Mods and Texturepack”
5. Get into the texture pack folder
6. Drag the zip files of the texture pack into the folder
7. Run the game normally and choose the texture pack that you want
8. Enjoy!

Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs Minecraft 1.2.5 Download Link

Keep in touch to the update in Minecraft world from this site and get more and more excitements from playing Minecraft. Well, happy enjoying Emkay’s Gerudoku Texture Packs!

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