EscapeCraft Adventure Map Minecraft 1.2.3

EscapeCraft adventure map is the series of custom map which includes Minecraft adventure map EscapeCraft 1, 2 and 3. The series are useful to solve puzzles and riddles. This way, you can escape from the rooms and complete Adventure Custom Map on Minecraft world. With all of the challenge and features in the maps, you are required to have good knowledge on Minecraft 1.2.3 including how it works. You are undoubtedly able to enjoy the challenges on the EscapeCraft adventure map since it is more intriguing and thrilling from the others.

EscapeCraft Adventure Map

EscapeCraft adventure map minecraft 1.2.3 – Rules and Tricks on Playing EscapeCraft

In order to complete EscapeCraft adventure map well, there are 3 must-follow rules. First, don’t even break the block except the one that you place. Second, there is no cheats or mods. The third, you can only play the normal or hard difficulty level. With all of those rules, there is no other choice than having a good knowledge in Minecraft Maps including popular features like redstone, water works and so on. For addition, the game come the best when played by single player. Even so, it is can be played by 2 player. Out of 2 players is totally not recommended.

EscapeCraft adventure map minecraft 1.2.3 – Installing EscapeCraft Map on Minecraft Games

Before enjoying new adventure on EscapeCraft adventure map, there are several steps to install it in your Minecraft. First thing to do is download the map. After that, open Minecraft.jar and copy the files into .jar. Don’t forget to delete META INF folder and run the game. After doing those steps, you can enjoy new experience escaping from one room to another. The puzzles and challenge offered by the map is very fun to play. Download EscapeCraft adventure map now and see what you can have on the fantastic adventure!

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