Facecrafts Texture Packs Minecraft 1.0.0

Facecrafts texture packs are yet other new texture pack for the Minecraft game, made by the non-stopping inventors that up until know had made hundreds Minecraft additional texture packs, mods, and many other accessories. These facecrafts texture packs are especially made to smoothen the overall graphic of the standard Minecraft. When you at first could still easily recognize the pixilation of the grass, glass, pillars, floorings, and other graphic feature of the game, now that the game’s pixilation has been pushed into 256 x 256 with the new texture pack, you will not recognize it anymore. Those graphics become remarkably smoother and more realistic.

Facecrafts Texture Packs

Facecrafts Texture Packs Minecraft 1.0.0 – Smoother Image, Better Feel

The facecrafts texture packs have successfully renew the overall image of the game, making everything seems to be even more clear and enjoyable dungeon for the players. If you are the type that needs good environment for good performance, you should definitely install this new texture pack as the facecrafts texture packs are really effective in doing its job.

The dungeon and the armory become much cleaner and the zombies in the game will scare you a bit more with their new hideous appearances. This way, you will be able to enjoy the graphic of the game. The game become more realistic and the art put in here become more high class.

Facecrafts Texture Packs Minecraft 1.0.0 – How to Install It

To install this texture pack, unlike when you are going to install a mod, yuo do not have to download another software such as MCPatcher. After downloading the facecrafts texture packs download, you only have to put the downloaded (zipped) file to the “mods and texture pack” folder that you can find under the “Multiplayer” option that will appear as you normally play the game. Just drag the zipped file to the folder, and then restart the game. The facecrafts texture packs will already be installed to the game.

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