Faithful Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Faithful Texture Pack proves that something classic and plain is not necessarily boring. It is indeed true that the texture pack is even plainer than the default one, but this is actually the charm of the packs. Even though it is pretty plain, it is quite popular out there. For beginner Minecrafters, Faithful Texture Pack is very useful due to the simplicity and easy installation of the texture packs. For some mysterious reasons, this texture pack also loved by pro Minecrafter. Well, people may have different taste, right?

Faithful Texture Pack

Faithful Texture Pack: Feature and Installation

Just like mentioned before, Faithful Texture Pack has pretty basic features and create plain and simple ambiance to your Minecraft world. Even so, this texture pack is just perfect for the computer which has low specification. Well, with basic features, your Minecraft can run faster and more responsive, right? This texture pack is just wonderful and works well in your Minecraft. Now that you already know the wonderfulness of the Faithful Texture Pack, you can follow the instruction below to install Faithful Texture Pack Minecraft. The steps are pretty easy to follow and take only short time to do.

The following steps are the instruction to install the texture pack to your Minecraft. Follow it properly and you can enjoy simply wonderful visual in your game.

1. Download and Install MCPatcher HD properly
2. Enable the HD Patcher by open “mods” and clicking patch
3. Download the texture pack files
4. Copy all files in the texture pack into the texturepacks folder.
5. Run %appdata%> roaming > .minecraft> texture pack
6. Run the game and Play!

Link To Download Faithful Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

In general, the steps required are just the same with other mods’ installations. If you want to have more update than Faithful Texture Pack, keep in touch with the newest post from this website.

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