FireWorks Mod Minecraft 1.1

Fireworks mod make great change in your Minecraft gaming experience as it makes the game become more attractive and fun to play. You can be sure that nothing in the world is similar with this mod. The uniqueness and wonderful feature of it make you able to shoot the mod to the air and create entertaining explosion. All that need to do in enjoying fireworks mod is crafting the fireworks mod minecraft you have downloaded and choose to click the box or use the red stone as a trigger.

FireWorks Mod

Fireworks mod Minecraft 1.1- Entertaining Mod for Your Minecraft

How many of you start to bored with the game that provide new things on it? Well, if you don’t update your mod regularly, then you might feel that way. Therefore, try this fireworks mod and enjoy new twist that make your gaming experience feel fresher and more thrilling. Not only making fireworks for more attractive sky in your game, the developer also gives the chances to design our fireworks or sky rockets. If your work is good and attractive enough, it will be added to the directory of the mod.

Fireworks mod Minecraft 1.1. – Steps on Installing Fireworks Mod

Before you start any steps in installing fireworks mod, you need to download and install Modloader. The next step is downloading the Fireworks Mod and type %appdata% . Then open .minecraft/bin as well as Minecraft.jar and delete META INF folder. After doing these steps, drag the files from ModLoader into the .jar along with the file from the Fireworks Mod. Now, open the program and enjoy new experience in your Minecraft gaming. In general, the similar steps can also be applied for other mods. In other words, the steps mentioned above are just the same with how to install mod in Minecraft 1.1 including the fireworks mod.

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