FM Debug Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Fm debug mod is a help for you who have no best computer to play Minecraft. You will need to have pressed the F3 button to open the debug menu. The debug menu will open and it will show you the information of how the run of the computer and the mapping information both at the same time. Slower computer may have problem in these features as it covers your screen a bit that it makes the game cannot be played until the menu is toggled again. Fm debug mod will help you to face this annoying problem and you can enjoy the game immediately.

FM Debug Mod

Fm Debug Mod: Feature and Installation

The annoying problem mentioned before can now be dealt with. This fm debug mod will make the slower computer able to split the mapping information and the information about how the computer is running in two split screens. Just by pressing the F3 button, you will see the information related to the runs of the game. Moreover, pressing the Shift and F3 buttons will allow you to have full graph, and with F7 button, you can change the graph’s opacity. With this simple explanation, you now know that this fm debug mod will absolutely help the debug menu performance of your slower computer. It is useful, and you need to install it immediately.

To help you to do the installation of fm debug mod minecraft, here are some steps to follow.

1. Download first the newest version of the FM Debug
2. Type the %appdata% and then open folder named “.minecraft”
3. Open folder named “bin” and after that open the folder “Minecraft.jar” as well
4. Delete the META INF and then drag the debug mod
5. Finally, you have the fm debug mod installed on your computer and enjoy the new feature.

Link To Download FM Debug Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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