FruitCraftory Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

If you are looking for something new that is not only beautiful, but also looks fun to play, try to download FruitCraftory mod. This mod is introducing green trees for the Minecraft players that love to play gardening in their Minecraft world. If we love to do gardening, or ever dream to have a cottage surrounded by beautiful trees, this mod is an option to have. The fruit is easy to plant and also easy to harvest. It is basically a new experience in playing Minecraft with this FruitCraftory mod, since now our Minecraft world can look even greener and “healthy”.

FruitCraftory Mod

FruitCraftory Mod: Feature and Installation

The fruit trees that are made by FruitCraftory mod are very easy to use. We can bring the fruit trees inside by using the harvest chest, or also by putting some bone meals on some grass block. Almost like the real fruit trees, the plant in this Minecraft world also has its own time of growing and harvesting. If we harvest the fruits from the trees to long, then we will be failed, but if we harvest it too early we will be failed as well. We need to make sure the timing is perfectly adequate to harvest the fruits from FruitCraftory mod. There will be a lot of fruits to harvest if we do not damage it, and once we grow one fruits up, there will be another tree growing.

To use this FruitCraftory mod in our Minecraft world, we need to follow these steps:

• Install GUICraftory Mod first
• We also need to download and install Modloader and ForgeAPI before start playing it
• After that we can start download the FruitCraftory Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5
• Open the appdata, and go straightly to .minecraft folder
• Open the Minecraft.jar with winrar, and then drop the modloader and forgeapi in it.
• Once it is done, we can drag the FruitCraftory mod as well before start playing it.


Link To Download FruitCraftory Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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