Glasslight Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Glasslight mod is a cool and very interesting mod for your minecraft world. It is also very helpful for your adventures in your minecraft world. The mod provides you the light when you are in dark places. This glasslight mod is very unique and useful. It also will improve the quality if your minecraft world. Having this mod will be very interesting for your minecraft world, thus all the minecrafter should thank to the Djoslin who creates this interesting mod.

Glasslight Mod

Glasslight Mod: Feature and Installation

This glasslight mod has cool features that will absolutely make your minecraft adventure become cooler than ever. The mod lets you have the blocks that will light with the full brightness. The blocks will light bright when the red stone reaches it or when you click on it. You can make this block turn on or off as you wish. You can also make the blocks light in different colors if you create the block with different recipes. The shinning blocks will make the dark area in your minecraft world brighter like any other place. This mod is really helpful for you, moreover when you have to mine inside a dark cave. You will get different experiences with this mod in your minecraft, therefore you should install it and enjoy its cool effect yourself.

To be able to enjoy this cool mod in your minecraft world, you have to download and install the glasslight mod first. You can follow some steps below to install the mod for your minecraft.

• Find the minecraft.jar
• Open minecraft.jar using winrar
• Delete the META INF folder
• Install Risugami’s Modloader
• Download the glasslight mod 1.2.5
• Unzip the mod
• Copy all the .class files into the minecrfat.jar
• Find/imgz/ folder in unzipped folder
• Copy into the minecraft.jar
• Finish and enjoy the game

Link To Download Glasslight Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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