Griefer Creepers Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Griefer Creepers Mod such as the Griefer Creepers Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 , is probably the hand you are looking for when the game starts to be bored. This creeper functioned greatly for you who have enough of the creeper as you are becoming too good to be even touched by them. Now you can make them more horrifying. It is quite easy to make it. What you need to do is downloading the Griefer Creepers Mod in prior to understand the wrath of the creeper, not just live and soon die after you beat them easily. With the griever, you can have the creepers turn into a joker box or something close to it that will shock you eventually whenever you opened them. You can let them attack to open the creepers.

Griefer Creepers Mod

Griefer Creepers Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – The Interesting Point of this Mod

After a shock, the creepers would normally just explode then become soil even though they take a whole big landscape along them when they are attacking. You can still dodge as the creeper run closer to you and also try to do a kamikaze. The point here is that to do a kamikaze become lower in chance as this Griefer Creepers Minercraft Mod make it to. This mod will also turn your curiosity greatly with harder effort needed. You need to release 100 arrows to the sky when the creeper blows it up because 25% of it are fire and 75% of it are explosives.

Griefer Creepers Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Mod Installation Steps

The installation for this Griefer Creepers Mod is quite easy. After you download it, click ’start’ on the installation box. Next, go to ’run’ after that select the folder ’.minecraft’ and then with winrar or 7zip, select ’minecraft.jar’. After copy paste the contents of the mod, you have the Griefer Creepers Mod finished to be installed.

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