GTA IV Mod Minecraft 1.0.0

GTA IV mod is the mod which allows you to experience significantly cool feeling of GTA in creative and cute Minecraft world. Moreover, it also gives you real experience of Nico Bellic in GTA IV with the access to the quest. With all of this wonderfulness, no wonder that this mod is one of the most wanted mod in Minecraft world. If you are bored of typical game you do in Minecraft, let yourself taste new experience by take advantages of this great mod. GTA IV mod is indeed a must-play mod for Minecrafter who loves GTA very much.


GTA IV mod minecraft 1.0.0– Features of Grand Theft Auto IV Mod

Having GTA IV mod in your Minecraft after dealing with GTA IV mod installer, you will be able to enjoy challenging adventure with awesome GTA IV quest, skins, world, creepers and other things that will be found out after you play it. The reason why full features of this wonderful mod are not listed here is that you need to explore it by yourself to get the real experience of it. Well, it is such a waste if you know the features, but don’t play it, right?

GTA IV mod minecraft 1.0.0– Steps to Install Grand Theft Auto IV Mod in Minecraft Games

Before enjoying GTA IV mod in your Minecraft, there are some steps to do to install it. After finished downloading the mod, go to Start menu and run %appdata%. Open .minecraft/bin and open the minecraft.jar with winrar or 7zip. Extract the files of the mod to the .jar while ensuring that the ModLoader is installed well. After that, delete META-INF folder and you are done installing it. Now that the mod is installed in your Minecraft, you can enjoy challenging experience of GTA IV. It’s all thanks to GTA IV mod.

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