GUICraftory Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

We can play Minecraft easier and more fun by using GUICraftory mod if we want. This one mod basically makes the life in Minecraft easier since it will provide a number of information in the monitor. A lot of information can be displayed and showing the important information about what is going on in the Minecraft world, such as the current date the players are in, the current time, the current season, or stuff similar like that. It will be very beneficial if we are using Mod that is in need of time and season, such as FruitCraftory. Generally, even though we do not have mod that needs time, it is still fun to know the current time of the Minecraft world using GUICraftory mod.

GUICraftory Mod

GUICraftory Mod: Feature and Installation

This mod can be used with the other link of this mod such as fishing, farming, and cooking. If the player is cooking, for instance, the GUICraftory mod will tell us how much exp left we need to go up into the next level. The current cooking level that we have is also showed in the display monitor. The experience bar is showed directly under the player’s HP bar. Other than the time, season, and date, it also shows the current Biome that the player has, and also the number of Luna (the Minecraft currency) that the player currently has.

In order to play the GUICraftory mod, we need to follow a few steps first:

• Install the GUICraftory Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 in the different folder of craftory first
• Then, download an install ModLoader and ForgeAPI
• Open Minecraft.jar by using WinRar
• Drag the ModLoader, ForgeAPI, and GUICraftory in it, and extract all of them there
• Once it is done, we can start playing the GUICraftory mod and enjoy the more informative game.

Link To Download GUICraftory Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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