Herblore Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Herblore mod allows you to make a new entry on some kind of plant and add it to the inventory of the minecraft game. And this time, another plant has been added to the list of plants in minecraft and that is the toke. Toke is a type of plant that in real life is used for smoking and it also has healing effect.

Herblore Mod

Herblore Mod: Feature and Installation

herblore mod get an additional herb in it. The toke grass could be found although very rarely around the tall bushes in minecraft world after you install the herblore mod minecraft. Once you get the toke form the bushes, don’t consume it right away. Get the toke to start your toke farm. If you have gathered enough toke and start your own toke farm, you will get more stock on healing item. To consume toke herb from herblore mod, you can smoke it with a pipe or bong, or you can also use the herb as ingredient in cookies. Smoke it with pipe and bong will retrieve more health point while adding it to cookies or other foods will increase you eating experience and relieve your hunger.

Install the herblore mod and you will get all the additional herbs in it including the toke weed.

- Download the mod and a modLoader first.
- After that, find the minecraft system folder in the ‘run’. Type %appdata% there and find the minecraft folder there. Enter and enter again the bin folder.
- Open the minecraft.jar file inside. After that, delete the META.INF inside.
- Then, back to the file you downloaded, extract them and copy all the file and drag them inside the miencraft.jar file.
- That will complete the process. Run the minecraft and start looking for the toke grass from herblore mod.

Link To Download Herblore Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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