Instawire Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

InstaWire Mod is an additional packs package, containing several other packs in it. Those packs are specially made by InstaWire Mod, Dj Joshlin, to help the user playing Minecraft, to be able to solve the many problems caused by red stones, the complicated structure in Minecraft game.

instawire mod

instawire mod

InstaWire Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Minecraft and Red Stones

InstaWire Mod is designed as additional downloadable Mod for the 3D cube construction game: Minecraft. In the game, the player are put in a sandbox style game, with cubes of different texture and colors to be arranged to make a building or other construction. The game allows new packs or other feature to be installed to it later. And this Mod is one of them.

In the game, there is this certain feature called red stones. This red stone had made many players face difficulties because of its complicated structure. Thus, to solve the red stones, there are 6 new packs available in the mod, which are very useful in treating the red stones trouble. The new packs included the “OR” pack and “AND” packs. The “OR” pack allows you to input from all our sides and could send signals through those four sides. While the “AND” pack allows have to get input from two sides before could send out signals.

InstaWire Mod – The Complicated Red Stones

Here are steps on how to install the mod to your Minecraft:

  • There are two things that you should download. They are InstaWire Mod and a ModLoader Mod.
  • Once you have download those, open the Minecraft.jar on your PC, and delete the META INF folder
  • After that, drag in those two software that you have downloaded in the Minecraft.jar

Download Instawire Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 from link below:

That’s it. Your Minecraft has been loaded with the 6 packs inside the InstaWire Mod that will help you with the red stones problem.

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