Invasion Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Invasion mod will absolutely give an interesting and unforgettable experience in playing minecraft. This mod will be the choice for the people who like challenge and adventure. This mod is making the minecraft looks like the real video games. Not only building and mining in your minecraft world, you also attack your enemy or defense from mobs or the skeleton that attack you in the minecraft world. You will be satisfied by the mod after you try to play minecraft with this mod. It is really interesting mod that will not make you get bored soon when you played the minecraft with invasion mod.

invasion mod

Invasion Mod: Feature and Installation

The invasion mod has some features that will please your desire on playing minecraft. It will make your minecraft world become more interesting place to live. The mod let you attack the skeleton, zombie, or any other enemies in your minecraft world. It makes your minecraft characters become more active rather than just stay in the hut waiting for your enemy leave the place you stay. The mod gives you the power to attack some areas and defense power when you are being attacked by the creeper or the skeleton. Moreover, the game difficulty level will increase as you continuously attack the enemies in your minecraft world. It will not make you are bored playing the minecraft.

How to apply this invasion mod is simple and easy. You can follow the steps below to be able to apply the mod.

• Download the ModLoader
• Download the modLoader MP
• Download the invasion mod minecraft
• Open minecraft.jar
• Delete the META INF
• Move all the data in the mod loader and mod loader MP to the minecraft.jar
• Copy the invsound to the .minecraft/resources/newsound/invsound
• Extract the other files in the invasion mod into the folder of inv mod client
• Done

Link To Download Invasion Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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