INVedit Inventory Editor For Minecraft

In minecraft games you can install mods, maps and texture packs you want. But just several mods or texture packs be your favorite, now Too Many Items mods is the most favorite mods in minecraft, this mod is very useful. But when you bored with too many items,you can try INVedit Inventory Editor. The funcion of both mods is like same, but this one is more cool because you enable and allow to edit the inventory outside of the game. I dont wanna tell more story about this mods, just information that this mods are compatible with minecraft 1.7.3, its update from last version that can’t use in the 1.7.3. below is the screenshot of the mods:


Many people will say and choose that Too Many Items is the best mods, its right? but you must try this one before. Because INVedit have several advantages compared TMI. for example,this mods is easy to install, more detail, and the best features is you can bring or stack unlimited items. INVedit Inventory Editor For Minecraft created and develop by copyboy, now is time to end the story. Below is way to install INVedit Inventory Editor For Minecraft 1.7.3:

  1. Super easy.
  2. Just download and unzip it somewhere.
  3. Then run INVedit.

Download INVedit Inventory Editor For Minecraft 1.7.3 from link below:

enjoy and have fun guys to use this mods, and do you still choose Too Many Items?

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