Inventory Tweaks Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Inventory Tweaks Mod like our article’s title had suggested provides you with cool ability of saving your precious time. This Minecraft Inventory Tweak Mod gives plenty items and also gives shorcuts for you for saving your Minecraft time. Installing Inventory Tweaks Mod to your Minecraft will make you save time when you play in single player mode and also in multiplayer mode. It will auto-replaces tools in the inventory of the characters it is broke, and that is exactly why Inventory Tweaks Mod texture pack will save a lot of time in your Minecraft.

inventory tweaks mod

Inventory Tweaks Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Hot Features Provided Inside the Pack

Cool texture pack for cool users (which mean all of us, in case you mistaking us wrong for apraising you) Inventory Tweaks Mod has an automatic ability to sort out inventory and it won’t look confusing. With few key you can sort out your characters’ things or your chests’ inventory. According to this Tweaks Mod developer, you can even edit your configuration files for a different way of organizing the inventory more suitable for your preference. It also give a plenty of added shorcuts to speed up everything that needed to be sped up (my oh my, I can hear you doing some ’muhahaha’ there in the backsound).

Inventory Tweaks Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Downloading the Cool Texture Pack

Download, download! Alright, alright, we can hear you all yelling ’Just get moving on the downloading part and get over with it you smart***’! Thus, Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with steps on how to download this tweaks mod for your Minecraft. First thing first, start downloading the pack along with the ModLoader into your computer. Open the Minecraft.jar once you’ve downloaded the file, then delete the META INF. Drag your ModLoader and Inventory Tweaks Mod files into .jar, and voila, your installing steps are done; time to relax and enjoy, people!

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