Kenshiro Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Kenshiro mod was made to give so much fun for you. This mod is very strong that will kill your enemy faster than any other mod. However, this mod will drain your energy. Once you use this mod, your energy will be decrease. You can get a lot of interesting experience with this mod. This will definitely please you to do the fight scene in your minecraft world. However, you only can use the mid without your chest plate and you bring nothing in your hand. That way you can punch your enemy once ad it will die right after you punch it. It is very interesting mod to be played that will satisfy you when you can kill your enemy and the mobs with only one punch.

Kenshiro Mod

Kenshiro Mod: Feature and Installation

You can kill your enemy faster using the kenshiro mod, also you can get many interesting experience in fighting your enemy in the minecraft world. You can have the kenshiro form when you use this mod for fighting. This kenshiro mod gives you the power to fight and destroy the block in the minecraft world and also quick punch to kill mobs faster. This mod will give you an amazing experience. Moreover, this mod is still under development, so you will get experience that is more amazing with the new version of this mod.

How to apply the kenshiro mod is easy, you can follow some steps below to install it in your minecraft.

• Download the new version of AudioMod
• Download the newest version of the ModLoader
• Download the kenshiro mod for minecraft 1.2.5
• Run the %appdata%
• Open .minecraft/bin
• Open the minecraft.jar
• Delete the folder of META INF
• Move in the audio mod
• Move in the ModLoader
• Move in the kenshiro mod
• Done, you can enjoy the power


Link To Download Kenshiro Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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