Loafcraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Loafcraft texture pack, a high definition texture pack for Minecraft game. This Loafcraft texture pack will please your eyes with beautiful stunning cubes to see during your exploration. It is a definitely must-try texture pack if you are getting tired with your current texture pack.

Loafcraft Texture Pack

Hi definition texture packs for Minecraft is not something that you can see pretty often. Most of minecraft texture packs are simple. Why is that? Because additional software, MCPatcher, is needed in order to be able to install the Loafcraft texture pack to your Minescraft. Not so many players like the idea of having to through so much trouble as to download MCPatcher mod just for a change of look. But actually, once you have got the software and installed the HD texture, you won’t be that disappointed.

There are a lot of extra feature in Loafcraft texture pack that you could not find in any other usual texture pack. Here, you can create pond, add fish or kitten as a pet, and there are a lot of textures to choose in creation progress. You have more room and tools to release your imagination of constructing the land of your dream with this new texture pack.

Loafcraft texture pack Minecraft 1.2.5 – Features and How to Install

Here are list of available feature in the new HD texture pack:

- Pet kitten (from your regular cat to even leopard)
- Forest rains
- New blocks
- Aztect and dungenon
- New Blocks
- New Jungle texture pack
- More custom colors

Those are just a few differences that could be mentioned. There are other things that you have to discover yourself and enjoy doing it. Similar texture pack such as jolicraft texture pack download is also available to download. Have fun with new Loafcraft texture pack!

Video about Loafcraft Texture Pack :

Download Loafcraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5 from link below:

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