Luck’s Edge Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Luck’s edge mod gives you additional effect for every swing of your sword. Instead of depleting the life of your enemies or even your own life, the luck’s edge mod makes your sword do even more awesome thing. With the mod attached, you can do destruction, casting curse, bloodletting, summon lighting, and even slow down the time. You can call this a magic iron sword but that is really what this mod would do.

Luck's Edge Mod

Luck’s Edge Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – Powers up Your Curse

This luck’s edge mod gives you stronger cursing effect, buffs up your luck, heal you, and many other extra skills you could get from this. The sword is made out of stick, diamond, and gold. Making this sword available through luck’s edge mod will gives you lots of advantages and new skills to be learnt. So if you like weapon and wanted more variety of it, this mod is for you.

Luck’s Edge Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install It

All you need to do is just downloading the luck’s edge mod download and the ModLoader, a software that you would need to make it possible for the game to load the mod and applying it to the game play, First download the mod and ModLoader, then extract the two files. Next is locating the minecraft roam. Go to the Start menu and you will see the ‘run’ command. Click it and type %appdata% in the empty space. As a window popped up, look for Minecraft folder and enter it. There, enter the ‘bin’ and open the Minecraft.jar file inside. Inside the Minecraft.jar, delete the META.INF that you can see there. After done, drag all the extracted file from the mod and modloader, to the inside of the Minecraft.jar. Play the game like usual and you can create your own lucky sword with the installed luck’s edge mod.

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