Magic Wands Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Magic wands mod the most wanted tool for all those builders, destroyers, and explorers in all around minecraft world. Recently, Harry Potter world is not only the one who use wand for create magics in the world. Magic has comes to minecraft world by the appearance of magic wands mod such as magic wands mod 1.2.5 . Considered as the most usefull tools in minecraft world, it definitely can solve all of your issues.

Magic Wands Mod

Magic wands mod minecraft 1.2.5 – Whats the benefit of it?

Actually there are three types of magic wands mod with its different functions and you can use it for your benefits. Building, mining, and breaking wands. If you want to activate it, all you have to do is use it just like cuboid system. Building wand crafted by gold ingots. This type of magic wands mod has funtion to building such houses, lines, and cubes, filling holes with water and lava, filling caves with stones, and smart placing of torches. Next is mining wand which crafted from diamond. Just like its name, it mostly use in mining for example blocks, ores from surface and especially selective mining of wood, dirt, or else. Even it can do super cheat. The last mod type is destructive wand. It can destroying stuff by drop no items, can destroy plants and leaves, and can spare ores. Wonderful isn’t it?

Magic wands mod minecraft 1.2.5 – How to install this mod

If you want to install this mod, it compatible with minecraft 1.2.5. Just like other mods, before you install you must backup your minecraft.jar (minecraft.jar is in run/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin). After that download and install ModLoader then test the minecrat. There are two possibilities after you run that step. Black screen appears can mean either you screwed up download modloader or forgot to delete META-INF. Moreover, if black screen does not appear means that ‘new mods’ folder should be generate. All you have to do is drag the magicwands zip into mods folder and congratulation! Enjoy your magic wands mod!

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