Minecraft Minion Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Have you heard about Minecraft Minion mod? It is one of the greatest mod ever made since it lets you play the game more effectively by letting the minion works the basic works you have to do in playing the game. It is indeed a very interesting feature since you don’t have to spend so much time to dig, mine or build something in your Minecraft world. Most importantly, the minions work without being paid. You can imagine how useful Minecraft Minion mod is when considering the feature and the function get from easy minecraft minion mod download.

Minecraft Minions Mod

Minecraft Minion mod minecraft 1.2.5 – Workers for Crafting in Minecraft Game

You must have got very excited after hearing the minions that will help you do the craft in Minecraft world. You better hold yourself since there are more good things from Minecraft Minion mod that make you have no choice but to download and install the mod. The main features offered by Minions Mod are dig, mine, carry stuff, chop down forests and collecting things. Just give them specific commands and they will do the work for you and FOR FREE. However, there are basic requirements to have the Minions mod. You need to at least reach level 8, receive Master Item and do evil at least 4 times.

Minecraft Minion mod minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install Minion Mod for Minecraft Games

Of course first thing to do for installing Minecraft Minion mod is downloading it. You should also download ModloaderMP for server and ModLoader for client. After that open Minecraft.jar and delete META INF folder. Put the files from ModLoader into the .jar and drag all of the files from Minion Mod into it. Finished doing the steps, you are ready to have minions do the crafting for you. Now that you already spot this wonderful mod, there is no reason for not having it in your Minecraft, so install Minecraft Minions mod and enjoy more effective and fun Minecraft gaming.

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