Pokemob Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Pokemob mod is really fun and interesting mod for your minecraft world. You will get a lot of interesting experience with this mod in your minecraft world. The mod system is just like the pokemon. It has pokeball that will cause the pokemob dash out. It is very interesting mod ever. The pokemobs from this mod can heal you and return your health bar. It also gives some evolution to your minecraft world that will give you an interesting experience in the minecraft world.

pokemob mod

Pokemob Mod: Feature and Installation

This mod has some interesting features that will increase your minecraft world quality. It will let out some mobs that will help you and may aid your wound. It returns your health level and helps you fight the zombie and creepers. This pokemob mod adds some random villages, has some new potion, and revives, fix some bugs, and add basic shop, basic currency, and many others feature. It also has poke ball system that will dashing out and catch the pokemobs. You can let out 15 poke mobs to help you fight the creepers. You can feed the pokemobs with the wheat from your farm. This mod is really fun and helpful.

You can get many advantages with this mod. You can use it for your minecraft world after you install it in your minecraft. You can get the pokemob mod minecraft by download it in the minecraft sites in online media. To install it you can follow the steps below.

• Backup the minecraft.jar before download the pokemob mod
• Download the modloader, modloaderMP,and audio mod then install it
• Run the %appdata%
• Open the .minecraft>bin
• Open the minecraft.jar usint 7zip or winrar
• Download the pokemob mod
• Move the pokemob file into the .minecraft folder
• Open the folder inside the pokemob zip file
• Move all the contents of the file into minecraft.jar using 7zip or winrar
• Done and enjoy the pokemob mod

Link to Download Pokemob Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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