Minema Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Minema mod is the next game created for you, the real gamers! It is made for you and may also be the developers itself who have the difficulties or problems to record the video on minecraft. In fact that feature is used to show up your creation on the video. Moreover, people are now aware that the computer is not able to handle the fps and so on. Last updating on May 22, 2012, BarracudaATA as the developer now comes up and creates the solution for you. Minema mod is now already available in the market and is usually suitable for minema mod 1.2.5.

Minema Mod: Feature and Installation

Minema mod will permit you to record the extreme images, even when you are spawn until 32000 creepers at the same time, it will go smoothly. Another feature provided by this minecraft is that it simply reduces the fps down to 10 that meets the fps recording of the recorder, and also makes the whole process far heavier so that the result will be smoother and better. All you need to do is just simply installing the mod by the instructions given. When you run the mod, you just need to press the f4 key and repress it when you are done. Your video will automatically save it in your computer.

How to install this mod:

1. Download Minema mod for minecraft 1.2.5
2. Then extract the zip file and drag it into the minecraft directory
3. You will find the zip file within the file and it will goes into the mods folder
4. when you done with those steps, your mod is ready to use

Link To Download Minema Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Those are all about the mod. You are free to leave your comment, critics, or suggestions here. Next, we will talk about the newest Minema Mod. Check this page out and enjoy your minema mod.

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