MixCraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

MixCraft Texture Pack is another wonderful texture pack for Minecraft that is created by Notch. It is nicely done and adds more cool textures to the game. The developer of the texture pack has added some blocks inside the game that can be hardly notice by you. You may find that the changing cobblestone exists in the update from 1.8 to 1.9 version. Some other changes also exist in the game and make the overall look of the Minecraft universe more realistic than ever. Want to know the details of the update? Check out the video made by the developer and see the features owned by MixCraft Texture Pack.

MixCraft Texture Pack

MixCraft Texture Pack: Feature and Installation

If you have watched the video, you can see how MixCraft Texture Pack does a great job in making your Minecraft world look more realistic than ever. Even though is already impressive, the developer claims that it is not so realistic, because they keep it that way. Even though it is claimed to be not so realistic, the whole features of the MixCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5 is just very impressive and make the game pretty awesome and realistic. Well, we can say that to decide whether the texture pack is suitable for you or not, you should give it a try and see if it is as wonderful as it seems or not.

To have MixCraft Texture Pack in your Minecraft, do the following steps:

1. Make sure the MCPatcher HD is installed properly in your Minecraft
2. Download the MixCraft files
3. Open the files with winrar or 7zip
4. Choose the HD 32 X 32 folder (recommended)
5. Drag the zip files name MixCraft HD into the texture pack folder
6. Run %appdata% > roaming > .minecraft > texturepack
7. Run the texture pack and Enjoy!


Link To Download MixCraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Not only MixCraft Texture Pack, you can have more update of Minecraft mod and texture pack here, so stay tune and enjoy the posts!

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