MO Creatures Mods Minecraft 1.2.5

MO creatures mod provides you with a wider selection of animals… er… creatures in the Minecraft world. The original Minecraft creatures are too mainstreamed and there are no unique creatures among them. Not to mention that the number of types are just too little. That is where this MO creatures mod comes to ease the minimum of creatures here. The mod created by DrZhark gives you new creature such as Kitties, Bug Cats, snakes, deers, and more. Your world will become even more fun with this mod.

MO Creatures Mods

MO Creatures Mod – Popular Mod of Choice

Though it seems useless at first, but once you tried installing this MO creatures mod to your Minecraft 1.2.5, you will be surprised on how surprised you are seeing more creatures loitering around you. Just enjoying a couple of kitten passing down the street is adorable enough to keep you staying and watching them for a while. And don’t you get curious on how this ‘Big Cat’ would look like? This mod has become very popular among Minecrafters so, why don’t you install it too?

MO Creatures Mods Minecraft 1.2.5 Video

MO Creatures Mod Minecraft 1.2.5– How to Install It

To install MO creatures mod, you have to have downloaded the mo creatures mod minecraft and a ModLoader. If this is the first time you install a mod, then you have to download the ModLoader first. Just google ModLoader free download and you will find bunch of free modloader files, just waiting to be downloaded. Once you had downloaded them, go to Start menu and enter command prompt via the ‘run’ menu. Type in %appdata% in the column, and select the Minecraft folder in the appearing window. Inside, go to the ‘bin’ and open the minecraft.jar there. Delete the META.INF folder inside; make sure you do it because some people forget to do so. Done with it, don’t close the window and now you go to the mod and the modloader that you had downloaded. Extract those files, and drag all the files extracted to the minecraft.jar file. Done? Close all the window then play minecraft like usual. You will then see kitten, and snakes, and other creatures from the installed MO creatures mod.

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