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Many newbie find about modloader mods in the internet and just a few can found the answer, now i will be give a brief what its about and link to download. Modloader is a useful and important mods on minecraft game, because with this mods you can manage installed mods without have a problem with main system and command line. Without this mod, you must be know about coding of main system to install other mod and its make many people fear and runaway from minecraft. are this very useful? this mod create and develop by minecraft forum with Risugami name, thanks a lot to you guys because my life is easily with this mods. This mod with too many items is the popular minecraft mods.

modloader mobs minecraft

How To Install Modloader Mods for Windows:

  1. Download the mod file from download link bottom of this post.
  2. Click start menu on windows.
  3. Find run application and type %appdata%.
  4. After exploler open, find “.minecraft” folder and go inside of the folder then find bin folder.
  5. Find minecraft.jar file.
  6. Open the minecraft.jar with 7zip,winzip or other compression software.
  7. Open/unzip the modloader and drag the file to minecraft.jar
  8. delete “META_INF” folder.
  9. save and close.
  10. you success to install modloader mods.
Are you still dont understand what i say above? ok, below is video tutorial to install this mods:

D0wnload Modloader Risugami Mods (Always Updated):
Enjoy and have fun to use Modloader Risugami for minecraft 1.9 and no deal with any coding.:-)

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