New Dungeons Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

New dungeons mod is the mod that will give your minecraft an interesting effect. It will make you stay for hours to play the minecraft game. This is a very interesting application for minecraft and it will improve your minecraft world. This mod is planned to be improved by the creator. It will be improved with many new options and new dungeons type. This new dungeons mod is very suggested to be applied in your minecraft world. You will get many interesting and amazing experience by using this mod for your minecraft world.

New Dungeons Mod

New Dungeons Mod: Feature and Installation

The new dungeons mod is proven to be an interesting mod to be applied in your minecraft world. This mod has some interesting features that will make your minecraft world become more interesting than any other mod. This mod adds new level difficulty to your minecraft world. This also has bigger room with more monsters and more loot. You will have much interesting experience using this mod in your minecraft world. The lighting of the dungeons also dimmer than the usual dungeons and it gives more real visual effect to the minecraft world. This mod is really interesting to be played that will hold you to play it more and more.

To be able to use this mod in your minecraft you have to install it firs in your minecraft. You can apply it in your minecraft by download the new dungeons mod minecraft. To install it you can follow the installation steps below.

• First, you have to download the new dungeons mod
• Download the modloader, minecraft forge API, and the modloader MP
• Using the winrar or 7zip, open the minecraft.jar
• Drag the mods data from the mod to the minecraft.jar
• Delete the folder of META INF
• Done, and you can enjoy the minecraft with new dungeons mod

Link To Download New Dungeons Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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