Nurio’s Splotch Block Texture Pack Minecraft 1.8.1

Nurio’s splotch block texture pack had arrived for the Minecrafters. The Minecraft game has never run out of new things to present to the thousands Minecrafters around the world. New theme, mod, texture packs are always invented non-stop by the genius developers who made innovation for the game. This time, a new texture pack is now available for download, the Nurio’s splotch block texture pack. This mood will create a more cartoon-like feel for the game graphic, instead of the more reality one which is the standard graphic for the basic Minecraft game.

Nurio's Splotch Block Texture Pack

Nurio’s Splotch Block Texture Pack Minecraft 1.8.1 – Classic Feel, More Relaxing

So you think what good could be brought by this Nurio’s splotch block texture pack? Well not all people like realistic display rather than cartoon-like display. Some people think that playing a game with cartoon style display is more relaxing and does not work their eyes too much. The graphic is better to be simple and as long as the game play is fun, simple graphic is needed so we can concentrate more in enjoying the game play instead of the scenery.

The new graphic brought by Nurio’s splotch block texture pack is a also a good change of pace after getting bored with the usual graphic whenever you play Minecraft. The new style will build a new gaming mood.

Nurio’s Splotch Block Texture Pack Minecraft 1.8.1 – How to Install the Pack

To install the new texture pack, you have to first find nurio’s splotch block texture pack download and download the zipped file. After that, run the Minecraft game as usual. In the option, go to ‘Multiplayer’ section then press the “Mods and texture pack”. Without closing the window, go to the downloaded file and drag it (do not unzip it) straight to the folder, and all done. The Nurio’s splotch block texture pack will be ready.

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