Parachute Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Parachute mod is category of Minecraft mod that you perhaps never imagine. If you are a kind of person that loves playing your adrenalin when you are playing a game, you must try this parachute mod 1.2.5. This is a type of game that will bring you as player to jump down from cliff which is too high. As we know that minecraft is a famous game that has many interesting parts. Another uniqueness of this game is the images that are in form of packs. Moreover you can download it in the internet free and easily.

Parachute Mod

Parachute Mod: Feature and Installation

Parachute mod can bring you to organize something happening when you are jumping from cliff which is very high. They are some important features that you must understand to enjoy this game. You must use your right click on your mouse to spread your parachute and space on your keyboard to blow the wind. In addition you must select your parachute item at the first and configure the file then you can get level that is highest. Moreover if you are really interesting in, it you can download this kind of game with some several steps.

Several steps to get parachute mod are:

1. Find link to download parachute mod for Minecraft 1.2.5
2. Save file that you download
3. Move the files into compress file (zip) in folder of minecraft.jar (located in minecraft/bin btw)
4. Find link to download the ModLoader latest version
5. Move the file download in the same location as before (minecraft.jar)
6. Open the game
7. Enjoy play it

Link To Download Parachute Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

After downloading it you can give your opinions, critics to improve the feature of this game. Moreover you should go to this site again to take another feature on Parachute Mod.

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