PixBits Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

PixBits texture pack is another 16x texture pack made by PixBits. Just like what claimed by the developer, the texture pack comes with vivid bright graphic which creates awesome sight for your Minecraft 1.2.3. Indeed the texture pack is minimal, but it is not necessarily lose its detail. It is indeed a great job since the color of the texture pack can turn your Minecraft world into the colorful and amazing place. If you want to look at the real change made by PixBits texture pack, simply watch the video made by the developer of this texture pack.

PixBits Texture Pack

PixBits texture pack minecraft 1.2.5 – Smart Choice for Cartoon Style Textures

After watching the video, you have the clear picture on how PixBits texture pack can turn your Minecraft world into more detailed and illuminated one. With wonderful features inside the texture pack, it is not surprising that there are many gamers chose it over other texture packs. Everyone will see that the pack is actually simple, yet provide detailed texture for your building. Aside from the awesomeness of the texture pack, some people argue that the dark texture is somehow not so impressive. However, it is still acceptable for some reason.

PixBits texture pack minecraft 1.2.5 – Install PixBits in Minecraft guide

Before beong able to enjoy PixBits texture pack, there are some steps need to do to install the files from PixBits texture pack download. The steps are pretty simple and basic, so you will have no difficulties in following it. After get the files downloaded, Open the Start menu and run /%appdata5/.minecraft/texturepacks and drag all the files in the texture pack without unzipping it. Run the Minecraft and change your former minecraft texture pack with PixBits. Now you are ready to enjoy new and more wonderful gaming experience with PixBits texture pack in Minecraft Games.

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