PokeCraft Pokemon Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Pokemon is one popular movies that converter to minecraft games complete from texture packs, skins, maps and mods. several days ago i am posting about Pokemob Pokemon mods and now i will share about PokeCraft Pokemon Minecraft Texture Pack. Now a day, all people know about pokemon and love this. Before you try this packs, i will give you a little description about this pack. PokeCraft Pokemon is a really nice and good style, all about pokemon can find on this pack. A much item in texture pack has been converted to pokemon stuff like electrode, sheep, chests and other items. This very nice packs made by planetminecraft user namely RileyVace, i think he is a big fan of Pokemon movie. When you curious about this texture, you can see from picture below:


I think the picture above has a thousand word description about this texture packs, now is time to explain about how to download and install PokeCraft Pokemon Texture Pack for minecraft 1.2.5:

  1. Download PokeCraft Texture Pack from link below.
  2. Use winzip to open the download file.
  3. Drag it into .minecraft texturepacks folder.
  4. Open start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>texturepacks
  5. Or just run Minecraft and then click Mods and texturepacks and click on Open texture packs folder!
  6. Choose and play!

below is link to download PokeCraft Pokemon Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5:

enjoy, happy and have fun guys.

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