Power Tools Mod Minecraft 1.1

Power Tools mod is a mod developed to give you easier mining time. There are a lot of times when you feel that you need stronger tools in your mining trip during a game play in Minecraft. To answer the demand for better tool, this Power Tools mod is developed.

Power Tools Mod

When we explore around mineshafts or caves dungeon, there are things you can dig out. The ordinary tool will just dig small area of ground, making the mining to be too long and boring. However, if you install this Power Tools mod you can mine a larger area with your tools.

This mod enhances the tools’ power by several notches, making it possible for them to dig 3x3x3 area in one swing. This way, your mining process will be even smoother and more treasure will be in your hand after a trip to a cave. There is also a higher level tool, with higher destructive power, available in the mod.

Power Tools Mod Minecraft 1.1 – Tool Classes and Installation

The tools in Power Tools mod are classified into four classes, with different destructive power and different items needed to craft it. If you have enough material, you could craft this ultimate tool right away. The first class, or the lower class in case of the durability and power, is the standard tool. It has same destructive power as elite tool, but not as durable. The next is elite tools. The tool is faster and more durable than standard tool. Then, the gold tool: It has great destructive power, suitable for ore digging. The last or the highest class is the lapis power tool. This thing will make gathering material for building, easier.

Right now, Power Tools mod minecraft 1.8 download is the latest version available. Make sure you have Modloader and deleted the META INF folder in Minecraft.jar before copying the Power Tools mod there.

Download Power Tools Mod Minecraft 1.1 from link below:

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